BSMI and its subsidiaries apply effective methods and materials for sourcing, recruiting and screening candidates based on the specific needs and requirements of the Clients. The candidates undergo a thorough screening process before referring any of them to the client for final screening and placement. Feedback and constant communication with our Clients are important elements in ensuring quality and service satisfaction.

Project Staffing

We undertake projects in various fields of industry like Promotion of Products and Services, Warehousing, Marketing and Selling of Products and Services, and providing Manpower support for the Projects on a long term basis according to the needs of Client Companies.

Permanent and Executive Placement

Our Permanent Placement Services is conducted in the most rigid and scientific method to assure that the right Candidates are placed with the Client. We utilize the latest Psychological series of test to determine the various capabilities, character, weaknesses, strengths and other personal characteristics of a Candidate. 

Job Contracting and Staffing

We accept engagement to perform specific jobs and providing Manpower support in the field of Production, Manufacturing, Construction and other technical jobs that are related thereto.